Ways to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Technology is taking over each and every aspect of our lives with each passing day. Whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged individual of any gender, career or financial status, you are most definitely using a cell phone right at the moment. It is estimated that 56% of all Americans own a smartphone. Your smartphone has become a constant companion in every walk of life.

However, things take an ugly turn when you become too dependent on your device. Many of us suffer from anxiety if we can’t seem to find our phone for even a small period of time. We use to it benefit from productivity apps or rely on it for all kinds of communication. Smartphones are even used for activities like shopping and checking bank accounts. Previously you had to leave the comfort of your home to do so. Smartphones have made life convenient. From the time we wake up to the time we retire to our bed, all we need is our phone to check or update social media or for reflecting on our day.

Tired of this mind-boggling situation? Overcoming smartphone addiction is not a bad idea. Here are some of the ways by which you can considerably cut down on your smartphone usage:

Say Goodbye to Notifications

Notifications are important but not mandatory. They compel you to keep glued to your smartphone even when you don’t need to use it. Buzzing notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook make it almost impossible to put your phone down for even half an hour. The good news is almost every app can be adjusted to disable notifications. You can even set preferences and get to be notified about only the things you like while avoiding the rest. This is probably one of the first steps to overcome your addiction.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

Maybe you are hooked on to an app because your friends use it. Being connected to your friends, loved ones and business associates through various apps can wreak havoc on your lifestyle as well as your phone’s memory. Start focusing on the apps that are of relevance and use to your life only. If you can access an app on the web, don’t install it on your phone. Only keep one communication app, the one you use the most. Get rid of the self-proclaimed productivity apps when all they do is waste your time by offering redundant and illogical advice. Removing redundant apps means fewer notifications, fewer updates to install and de-cluttering your phone (or your life).

Go For Airplane Mode

Some people like flying only because they get some time alone. Ever wondered why? It is because you get to switch off your smartphone. It’s a quick and the most convenient way of shutting yourself from the outside world. Of course, switch to Airplane Mode it only when you are doing something really serious and people know you can’t be contacted at that time.

While you can still take pictures and access local files on the device, it makes a notable difference to your life. By switching to Airplane Mode every once in a while, you can put your smartphone down for a while and just relax. When you are done with whatever required your full concentration, let the real world back in with a couple of taps on your phone. Voila! You’re connected again.

Make Use of a Quitting App

If you find making individual changes to your smartphone a hassle, feel free to use a multitude of apps which help you cut down unnecessary phone usage by keeping a track of your activities or shutting you off for small intervals of time. BreakFree is a recent popular app which offers a detailed breakdown about which apps are eating up most of your time and how frequently you are checking your mobile. StayOnTask is an app for reminding you when you should be working instead of checking your phone. Undeniably, these apps play an important role in cutting down the hours you spend using your smartphone.

Balance out your life by taking charge of your smartphone usage. When you know how and when to pay attention to the buzzing notifications, install unavoidable updates, and curb the urge to connect to a friend through a multitude of apps, you can overcome your smartphone addiction.

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