What is Smoking Alcohol?

Becoming immensely popular amongst teens, smoking alcohol is one of the latest and most dangerous methods of getting drunk. Owing to a number of videos that have been surfacing on the internet, the trend has gone viral in no time. However, according to doctors, it could be deadly. When you mix alcohol with dry ice and inhale the vapors, you are not drinking alcohol but inhaling it. As bizarre as it sounds, this effect is responsible for getting you high instantly. Doctors have already shed light on the negative outcomes of smoking alcohol and believe the practice can be extremely addictive.

As the ‘smoking alcohol videos’ continue to get millions of hits on YouTube, they don’t project the possible outcomes of the process. Alcohol takes time to affect you when you drink it, first going into your stomach, then gradually getting processed in your liver, and after some 20 minutes it goes into your bloodstream. However, smoking alcohol is absorbed immediately into the lungs, quickly making its way to the brain.

Making False Claims

According to Dr. Robert Glatter of the Lenox Hill Hospital, the typical sensation experienced by users after getting drunk is nausea and vomiting. In reality, this is a way for your body to force out alcohol. But in the case of inhaling it, your brain has no way of expelling it. A number of these videos also wrongfully brag that smoking alcohol can be helpful in losing weight. They also lure teens via false claims, promising them they can easily evade police and parents by hiding their drunkenness.

Experts reject all such claims. According to renowned physicians, when you are taking alcohol, you are consuming calories. Also, it is still illegal to consume alcohol, be it in any form, if you are under the age of 21. It is dangerous to a great extent, owing to the fact that since alcohol does not get metabolized by the liver, it has an elevated concentration and a more powerful outcome as it goes into the bloodstream, thereby traveling directly to the brain.

People have demonstrated the effects of alcohol vapors are apparent almost instantly, posing grave risks and dangers to people, including an alcohol overdose. This overdose is generally referred to as “alcohol poisoning” and occurs since the smoking process does not enable any way of getting rid of the alcohol, as you can’t vomit it out of your system, once the brain has absorbed it.

Potential Risks

An alarming concern associated with this method is there is no successful method of measuring how much alcohol an individual has consumed. For instance, if one cup of alcohol goes into a container and then vaporizes, a user has no way of distinguishing whether he/she has inhaled the whole cup or taken just a few sips, as the remaining alcohol left in the bottle gets buried under the lingering vapors.

Further risk revolves around the addictive potential of vaporizing alcohol. The fast and powerful result of smoking alcohol, much like the quick hit of cocaine and methamphetamine, has a strong potential to cause addiction. This is unlike drinking alcohol in which the effects can be sluggish when taken with a meal, or when you drink it slowly.

Furthermore, the process of inhaling the vaporized liquid into the lungs could ultimately be quite exasperating, leading to bronchospasm as well as a drying influence of the alcohol to the respiratory tract passages and nasal lining, pushing users towards a higher risk of lung infections including pneumonia or any other inflammatory condition in the lung.

Picture, pouring a bottle of alcohol into your lungs and then imagine the outcomes of this action. Inhaling dry ice, which is difficult, to humidify the lung tissue, could ultimately cause the lining of the lung to ‘burn.’ On the whole, this trend could be even riskier for asthma patients and for smoking individuals.

Currently, there are no scientifically established or published studies shedding light on the revolting effects of smoking alcohol. But one can easily make out the negative effects of smoking alcohol by evaluating the mechanism on which it is based. ER doctors are constantly on the watch for observing any teenager coming to them showing signs of poisoning through smoking alcohol, as teens continue to fall prey to this obnoxious trend.

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