Seven Tips and Tricks to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the slowest ways to kill yourself. The tar and nicotine accumulate in your lungs over the years, causing them to slow down and ultimately collapse. These two ingredients take their toll on the rest of your body as well, aging it from the inside out. If you have decided to kick this habit and want to make sure that you don’t go back any time soon, here are seven tricks to help you stay on the right, smoke-less path.

1. Join an Anti-Tobacco Addiction Group

Just like any form of addiction, you need to join a support group to be able to quit. Major organizations like the American Lung Association highly recommend this trick, especially since joining such a group entails making a public pledge. Research shows that pledging in public has the power to make you quit. Besides, it shows others that you want to be smoke-free, driving others to support you.

2. Use a Calendar to Track Your Smoke-free Days

Have a calendar up on your fridge or room and mark off each day that you haven’t smoked. If you complete a week smoke-free, you can reward yourself by getting tickets to the movies, buying a pair of shoes you always wanted, or whatever you believe is a worthy prize. Then, once you complete three weeks, celebrate on a bigger scale by booking yourself a day at the spa or treating yourself to dinner.

This trick will change your behavior over the period of 21 days, which is the duration needed for a habit or new routine to stick. Sure, you will have trouble during the first few days, which is why you get to reward yourself every week. However, by the third week, your cravings for a cigarette will grow weaker and you’ll be able to kick the habit once and for all.

3. Get Busy at the Gym

Sign up for exercise sessions at your closest gym. According to a study, quitting cigarettes and taking an exercise initiative simultaneously is more effective than counseling alone. This is because exercise makes you feel more in control. In addition, it organizes your life, forcing your mind to prioritize your health at the top. That aside, exercising release endorphins, which are chemicals that make you feel great. If you get hooked on those, you will be able to forget about smoking once and for all.

4. Stock Up on Gum and Mint-Flavored Sweets

You may have been reprimanded for chewing gum before, but this isn’t one of those scenarios. You should start chewing gum regularly. Even if you can’t get nicotine gum, regular gum will do. The flavor will keep your mouth fresh, making you think twice before you ruin it with smoke. In addition, since your mouth is busy, you won’t need another form of oral stimulation and your desire to smoke will decrease. The same applies to mint-flavored sweets. These will freshen your breath and you will lose any cravings to smoke.

5. Use Nicotine-Release Products

There are numerous nicotine products that you can use to quit smoking. Starting from patches and all the way to lozenges, your nearby drugstore offers these over the counter. However, patches and gum come in three different strengths; the strongest is for those who smoke 25 cigarettes a day while the weakest are for less than 7. By using these products, you will start believing that you can quit, which is half of the battle. Combined with other tricks from this list, you will be cigarette-free soon.

6. Drink a Lot of Water

One of the effective tricks to quit smoking is slowly drinking a glass or bottle of water. This will help you distract yourself and stop any cravings you have. Water will also rid your body of toxins quickly, helping you resist the urge to smoke. So keep a bottle on you wherever you go.

7. Add a Fruit Salad to Your Daily Meal Plans

Not only will you be chewing, but the fruits will provide you with antioxidants that relieve cravings and rid your body of toxins. However, make sure to add antioxidant-rich fruits like grapes, berries, kiwi and melons. These will definitely help you quit smoking on the long run.

Combine these tricks and you’ll be cigarette-free in no time.

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