Seven Myths About Ecstasy and their Truths

Commonly used at concerts and clubs, ecstasy is one of the dangerous drugs out there. Formally known as MDMA and currently called Molly, it causes hallucinations, a sense of joy, and bursts of energy. However, it also slowly causes brain damage and distortions in time and perception. It is also known to lead to depression, drug cravings, anxiety and paranoia, and psychotic episodes. Currently, there are nine million ecstasy users worldwide according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The U.S. alone records over 10,000 ER visits due to this drug. Therefore, it is about time that you learn the difference between this drug’s myths and truths to save yourself or a young loved one from the drug’s dangers.

Myth #1: Ecstasy is one of the Safest Drugs Out There because it is Pure

Fact: While many people abuse ecstasy because they believe it to be pure, studies show otherwise. Molly is just as dangerous as any street drug and could cause death due to overdose. Another threat is the fact that most pills contain PMA, which functions like amphetamines and causes social bonding effects. This adulterant has caused many deaths in the past and will continue to take more lives unless people become more aware.

Myth #2: Drinking Water Reduces the Danger of Ecstasy

Fact: Most ecstasy users know that the drug can increase their body temperature and cause life-threatening heat stroke. To counter this, they tend to drink water and stay hydrated, especially during raves and in crowded clubs. Unfortunately, drinking too much water does not reverse the effects of the drug. Over-hydration is bound to cause an electrolyte imbalance and risk the health of women since they tend to retain more water, especially before their periods.

Myth #3: Mixing Molly with Other Drugs is Safe and Exciting

Fact: Fooled by the alleged safety and purity of MDMA, most users tend to combine it with other addictive substances in an effort to maximize their buzz. However, in an effort to become more intoxicated, you may end up doing yourself more harm than good. For instance, by combining alcohol with the drug, its users may become dehydrated and ultimately consume more of both. Similarly, the combination of caffeine with MDMA increases the drug’s effects while raising the body’s temperature and ultimately causing heat stroke.

Myth #4: Ecstasy Will Make You Perform Better in the Bedroom

Fact: Molly has become known as the Love Drug because its users believe in its aphrodisiac powers and its ability to give sexual partners the extra oomph factor they need in bed. While some do experience pleasurable sex after having this drug, most users reported feelings of innocence and childishness. Some have even shared that they were unable to become sexually aroused, which is natural considering that the drug affects the brain.

Myth #5: MDMA is One of the Most Effective Antidepressants

Fact: Since the drug causes a euphoric state, its users believe that it can make them fight depression and experience bliss throughout their lives. However, while euphoria is one of the effects of using ecstasy, the depletion of endorphins (chemicals in the brain which create the feeling of happiness) is bound to cause depression once the drug’s buzz is over. With excessive use, depression will be the last of your worries since you may end up developing full-fledged psychosis.

Myth #6: Ecstasy Users Do Not Turn Into “Hard” Drug Addicts

Fact: Like weed, ecstasy is considered a “soft” drug, i.e. it is harmless and non-addictive like “hard” drugs such as meth and heroin. However, despite believing that they will not become addicted to “harder” drugs, most users eventually experiment and end up risking their lives in the process. Whether you like it or not, using ecstasy will make you more open to drug use in general, so you will need to reduce and eventually stop using ecstasy.

Myth #7: Ecstasy Rehab is Not That Long

Fact: Because most believe it to be a “soft” drug, they believe that they will not need more than a few weeks in rehab. However, the addiction treatment program can last between 30 and 60 days depending on how long they have been using the drug and how. This is why customized treatment programs are offered after thoroughly studying each addict’s case.

Now that you know just how dangerous ecstasy really is, do not become its next victim or allow your loved one to become part of its statistics. Seek professional help to kick this habit once and for all.

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