How to Recover from Drug Addiction without Rehab

Contrary to common belief, not all drug addicts need to be whisked off to rehab. In fact, if the addict starts early or you take notice before your loved one is set on their ways, recovery is possible outside the walls of a specialized facility. However, in order for this method to work, the history of addiction shouldn’t surpass six months. In addition, the addict should be determined and ready for any type of obstacles since their family and friends can only provide support.

So, if you’re committed to take on self-recovery, here are the steps you should follow.

Admit that You Have a Problem and Promise to Stop

This may sound cliché, but admitting your drug addiction is one of the essential steps in any recovery program. By determining this, you will stop making excuses for yourself and actually put yourself on the road to recovery. To further guarantee that your mind doesn’t dissuade you, make a list of the pros and cons of addiction. Also calculate the costs of substance abuse and those of being drug-free.

Establish Your Recovery Goals

Now that you have decided to cleanse yourself, you need to set realistic, specific and achievable goals. For example, you can establish milestones for your recovery and rewards yourself accordingly. However, remember to get rid of all the drugs you have and tell your loved ones about your goals. These are important so that you don’t get tempted and continue your way to total wellness. You may also want to keep a diary or blog to vent during your detoxification and document your success.

Get a Medical Expert on Board

Withdrawal symptoms can be too hard on both your physique and psyche. Therefore, you should always have someone stay with you through this tough time. However, you will also need the number of a medical expert on your speed dial. Now you can always choose a short detoxification program at a hospital or treatment facility, but this isn’t recommended if you haven’t been addicted for a long time.

Make a New Life for Yourself

You’ll be turning a new leaf for yourself and you need to stay there for long to fully recover. So, you should embrace a drug-free lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you with this part.

  • Be ready for mood swings and cravings and counter them with a healthy diet, ample sleep, and exercise.
  • Create a support group that will have a positive influence on your life. Also, avoid the people who supported you during your addiction days since they’ll try reeling you back.
  • Go for new activities and interests to stay busy and feel better about yourself. You can volunteer, for example, to read to the elderly or do something you like while benefiting others.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help if you ever feel stuck or unable to handle things anymore. You’re taking a major responsibility on your shoulders, so share whenever you can with someone who will keep you motivated and on track.
  • Deal with the issues that drove you to addiction the healthy way. For example, you may try meditation or breathing exercises if it was stress.

Avoid Triggers and Manage Cravings

This isn’t really a standalone step; you will have to practice this from the minute you decide to kick the habit. Basically, you need to steer away from the people, places and situations that could trigger your urge to inhale, inject or consume drugs. Meanwhile, you need to keep a hold on your cravings. You can discuss you problem with someone you trust, distract yourself until you’re urge-free, and remind yourself of your goals.

Get Support

There is no way to emphasize enough on the need to get support. Your first source should be your friends and family. You can also have a social network to ensure your dedication. If you want, you can also attend gatherings of addicts on the mend to receive support from people who would understand you.

Your path to recovery is far from smooth and it will take you a lot of time, effort and determination to keep you drug-free. However, always have faith in yourself; by admitting that you have a problem, you have crossed a mile towards a drug-free you.

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