Natural Lung Detoxification after Quitting Smoking

For people who have been smoking for a long time, simply quitting smoking doesn’t mean that they can reverse the damage they caused and have healthy lungs right away. Years of smoking the harmful chemicals in cigarettes allow the accumulation of damaging traces that can’t be removed in a few days. In fact, you need to go through a thorough detoxification regime for months before you can be sure that your lungs are in good shape.

Despite the availability of medications to detox your lungs, the best way to heal your lungs after giving up smoking is through natural detox methods. They might take more time to work, but they are much better when it comes to keeping you healthy. These natural methods will give your lungs the nurturing and nourishment they need, bringing them back to health without driving you to struggle with side effects.

Lung Detox and Regeneration Methods

Here are some natural methods you can use to ensure that your lungs are on the road to healing.

Lifestyle Changes

Even though you have already quit smoking, there are still certain lifestyle changes you need to make in order to recover completely from the damage smoking has caused. You should avoid using HFCS, artificial sweeteners, excessive sugar, bad salt, and chemicals. You should also cut back on your intake of junk and processed food, sodas, dairy, wheat and meat. Meanwhile, adding more onions, ginger and garlic to your diet can be helpful in clearing mucus from your lungs.

Eliminating the Use of Household Toxins

A lot of toxic chemicals used in the household for cleaning purposes can harm the lungs when you breathe. Eliminate the use of bleaches, detergents, cleansers and air fresheners in your house to ensure that you aren’t breathing in chemicals. You can easily get natural and chemical-free substitutes for all these things in the market.

Improving Indoor Air

The indoor air within your four walls can be much more harmful than outdoor air, especially if you have carpeting on your floors. Carpets accumulate dust and absorb it, but they part with it when your lungs inhale it. So try to replace the carpets in your house with other simple flooring options or use your vacuum machine more often to keep your carpets clean. You can also place more plants around your house or install commercial air cleaners to get the indoor air cleaned up.

Natural Remedies for Lung Detoxification

There are several natural methods that you can adopt to detoxify your lungs. These involve the use of American Indian, Chinese, Ayurvedic and European traditional medicine. Here are some practices you can take up to get your lungs in a better shape.

Breathe Deep and Well

Deep breathing is one of the most important things that can help you during lungs detoxification. You should breathe in while counting to six, hold your breath for a few seconds and then breathe out slowly while counting to six again. In addition to cleansing your lungs, the inflow of fresh air will make them stronger.


Yoga is another good practice for you after you quit smoking. Not only is it perfect for lung detox, but also for the improvement for your overall health. It will naturally allow you to breathe deep while enhancing your control and coordination over your body and mind. Get some yoga DVDs or consult a professional yoga trainer and start with some yoga moves, even if for fifteen minutes every day.

Use Natural Essences

Use the essence of natural flowers and herbs to get your lungs better. Rosemary can improve the flow of oxygen to your lungs by opening capillaries. Lavender and eucalyptus also have healing qualities that can directly affect your lungs. Meanwhile, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum combined can clear lungs of toxins, inhibit bacteria growth and nourish lung tissues. Lemon and lime extract are also known to be natural lung detoxifying elements. Last, but not the least, Aloe Vera can be used to reduce lung inflammation and improve blood flow.

Natural Healing Methods

Acupuncture and Sauna are two methods that have shown great results when used for healing the lungs of those who quit smoking. Both these processes remove chemical toxins from your body, including your lungs, making you healthy.
After you quit smoking, bringing these lifestyle changes and using natural elements to detoxify your damaged lungs can help you get healthier faster.

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