How to Not Get Addicted To Adderall?

What Is Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription drug used in treating attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADD and AD/HD. The drug is also helpful in treating patients suffering from narcolepsy as well as people looking to achieve weight loss and get rid of depression. But Adderall consists of a number of psychoactive ingredients which have a strong impact on the human brain. The harmful effects of these psychoactive ingredients can cause dependence and lead to addiction. The drug consists of a combination of amphetamine salts as well as Dextroamphetamine.

What Makes Adderall Addictive?

You can get addicted to Adderall in several ways. People who use it according to the prescribed dosage and under medical supervision are not likely to get addicted. However, people who consume the drug just to get high are the ones who are at the highest risk of being addicted to the amphetamines present in Adderall.

Therefore, it is extremely important an individual’s Adderall use should be strictly monitored by doctors to advise dosage changes. If you are mistakenly getting dependent on the drug physically, the possibility of developing a psychological dependence on the drug is high.

Adderall is primarily addictive for these two reasons:

  • It aids people to be more productive. This fact alone offers them a fake perception that they are unable to perform as much or in the same manner when they are not using the drug.
  • The drug can cause significant withdrawal symptoms if the dosage is decreased or stopped. This pushes a user to stay dependent on the drug to avoid any such effects.

How to Not Get Addicted To Adderall?

People who have attempted to get over their Adderall addiction know how difficult the process can be. They are aware of the fact that the effects of the drug are short-lived but the aftermath of the drug usage can be unbearable. They feel helpless in the absence of the drug as they experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not using it.

However, the brighter side of the picture is there is still hope and anyone can be free from Adderall addiction. The initial step is to confess to yourself that you are addicted to the drug. They day you admit to yourself you have a problem, you will feel the need to reach out for help. Medical supervision may be needed to monitor Adderall withdrawal. Therefore, visiting a drug treatment center to cope up with your addiction is probably the best way to cut down on your addiction. You will have access to round-the-clock care at a drug treatment center to ensure your body can deal with the withdrawal in a safe and healthy way.

When you embark on your physical recovery cycle, your psychological dependence on the drug automatically begins to reduce. Trusted recovery centers offer both individual and group therapy to make you realize the reason you got addicted to the drug. This makes it easier for the addict to reflect on his life as he begins to understand how his modified lifestyle will help him cut down on drug use.

How Can Psychological Dependence On Adderall Be Treated?

People, who are psychologically dependent on Adderall, experience these conditions:

  • They need Adderall to cope with everyday situations
  • Experience a compulsive need to take Adderall
  • Go through unbearable Adderall cravings
  • Are prone to using Adderall even if they are fully aware of its negative effects

When you have a psychological dependence on Adderall, merely cutting down on dosage will be the least effective way to quit the drug. Along with a doctor, you may need a therapist who is an expert in addiction for helping you out with quitting use. Therapy sessions can help you out greatly in reducing your Adderall consumption.

Knowing Why to Quit?

When you know the dark side of Adderall addiction, it is somewhat easier for you to deal with your addiction. As most people are initially unaware the drug can cause addiction and the effects will be harmful, they tend to take it as much as they want instead of following the prescription. Surprisingly, this is a drug which is frequently prescribed to children as well. While a medicinal dose will help in treating ADHD and ADD, an extended heightened dose will ultimately cause grave short and long-term side effects.

These are some of the effects caused by long-term use of Adderall:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Uneven or fast heartbeat
  • Fear, hallucinations, neurosis
  • Death, in extreme cases
  • Seizures
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Worsening of Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Heart complications

Individuals who use Adderall experience a high which lasts for a few hours. But when they are coming off the high, they tend to feel tired, apathetic and exhausted. In the absence of the drug, the user may start to feel miserable and are either unable to follow a steady pattern or sleep for long periods of time. But with physical and psychological help, they can lead a life that is free from Adderall addiction.

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