How to Drug Test Your Child

Today’s parents are faced with so many challenges while raising their children. As if there were not enough trials to complicate adolescent and teen children rearing, parents now have to work overtime to make sure that their children fully understand the repercussions and dangers of using drugs. Even the parents who feel most confident that their child would not get caught up in a life of drugs have discovered that they were wrong, some often when it was too late.

While being educated on the topic does not do much for prevention it does give parents the upper hand in noticing any red flags that may indicate their child is using drugs. There is no time to waste when drug use is suspected. The important thing, once drug testing has been decided, is to make sure that it is done appropriately. There are a few very crucial elements to consider before administering a drug test to a child.

First, the test must be completely random. This means do not share the information with anyone that could leak it because it is vital that a youth not know when a drug test will be administered. With just a few clicks on the internet any teen can find out how to beat a drug test. This allows them time to prepare to pass, if they are using drugs.

With test in hand, it is best to randomly give it first thing in the morning. There are two reasons for this, one, this is when the urine is most concentrated and this is also going to catch the teen off guard, which is really what you want to do for it to be most effective. Calmly tell your child to go to the bathroom and tell them that you love them too much to look the other way when you have suspicions. Be firm that you will do what it takes to keep them away from drugs. You hope your suspicions are wrong but you must be certain.

Another element of successful drug testing is making sure that you fully observe the test. While this element becomes more critical as more tests are administered, and as intrusive as the parent or teen might find this step, it is unavoidable, observing the actual urination. You may have to face a battle here but using the same sex parent, tell your teen that you are prepared to wait this out in the event of a power struggle. Eventually, they will succumb.

There are literally thousands of ways to alter the results of a drug test that can be found right online. Stand there, hand them the bottle without the cap, listen for the stream of urine to enter the bottle, and then make sure the temp of the bottle is very warm to the touch. Then you cap it. This ensures they cannot exchange specimens. Some of the top ways that these tests can be beat and also the most cost effective are using someone else’s urine or mixing another ingredient to the urine to throw the test off, most commonly a few drops of bleach. Knowing this makes prevention easier.

When tests are given to teens frequently and they are varied it is too difficult for the teen to discover a pattern and find a way to beat or challenge the test. Testing two times per week on different days is the best defense. This allows zero gaps for drug use. Just as it is easy for kids to find out how to beat a drug test it is also easy for them to find out which drugs leave the urine quickly and which ones they have to avoid. Make it so they are just never quite sure when you are going to ask them to drop but also make sure they know that you will.

There are, however, two gray areas when it comes to drug testing. Alcohol and synthetic drugs are not included on a standard drug screen. This means that parents really have to pay attention to which kind of drug test they purchase. Drug use is no longer confined to heroin, marijuana, and cocaine, which is, what is checked for on most standard tests. It is imperative to check for these other substances though. There are many different types of drug tests available and many can be sent right out for professional analyzing.

The past few years, as synthetic drug use has become more prominent, companies have emerged and some are offering drug tests to detect synthetic drug use. It is important to incorporate this into the drug tests. Alcohol is also not tested for on standard drug tests but it is also very important to test for. There are single saliva drug tests that are available for purchase and are very affordable. These just require a cotton swab rubbed against the inside of the mouth to render a specimen.

Parents that take a proactive mindfulness to cover every angle when trying to battle something as devastating as teenage substance abuse will not leave their child with many options to conceal what could turn out to be a future death sentence. Let your child know that you are serious and prepared to battle if you have to.

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