Dangers of Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Both energy drinks and alcoholic drinks are dangerous enough on their own but they make an even deadlier combination when they are infused together. The alarming fact is that this dangerous combination is being consumed by and increasing group of people, many of them teens and young adults who are looking to extend and ‘improve ’their party time thrilling experiences. However, researchers claim that people who combine alcoholic drinks with energy drinks have more chances of getting drunk and addicted than those who consume these drinks separately.

While mixed drinks and cocktails may be good way to enjoy weekend parties, this is definitely one combination that should be avoided at all costs. This cocktail combination is most popular among students who are looking for a good time but are not aware of the dangers of combining alcohol with these high-caffeinated drinks. Whether these energy drinks are used as a mixer for alcoholic drinks or they come as pre-mixed alcoholic energy drinks, they make a deadly combination that can lead to a induce dangerous mental states and substantially increase the chances of an individual falling victim to alcohol addiction.

Alcohol is a depressant while energy drinks is full of stimulants. Combined, they create a toxic combination that can result in highly dramatic and enhanced intoxication level that is often referred to as “wide awake drunk”. While people consume the same amount of alcohol and the alcohol level in their blood is the same, energy drinks create a sobering effect, making them believe that they are more sober than they actually should be after the amount of alcohol they have consumed. This drives people to drink more alcohol since they are under the impression that they are still quite sober.

This perceived sobriety also leads to several critical situations such as a drunken individual driving a car even when they have higher blood alcohol level than legally allowed, engaging in sexual assaults. Moreover, the side effects of both alcoholic and energy drinks hit you at the same time and their impact will be heightened since they are going to interact together. Under their feeling of sobriety and good buzz, the people drinking a combination of these two beverages end up drinking much more that they usually do. This can lead to severe conditions like alcohol poisoning, and if the drinker continues drinking this amount of alcohol on regular basis, they can become alcoholics. Both energy drinks and alcoholic drinks are diuretics and can lead to dehydration which would then result in a severe hangover.

Alcohol alone is far more dangerous and damaging than many drugs because of the habits people carelessly adopt while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol can also lead to mental impairments. Illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine are found to be less damaging than alcohol because alcohol consumption is more ‘acceptable’ and can therefore more easily lead to a full-blown addiction. The collective impact of alcohol on the human body, health care, social services, environmental damages, economic costs and prisons etc. is much higher than the impact of any other drug. Since alcohol is used more commonly that these drugs, the chances of it being misused are also higher and eventually alcohol abuse becomes a bigger threat.

Considering how dangerous alcohol can be on its own, you can image how deadly it can be when consumed with energy drinks that actually increase the chances of alcohol addiction. While premixed alcoholic energy drinks are easily available in the market, they are extremely dangerous and can cause severe damage. It’s easy to see why the damaged caused by their combination is much higher that caused by both of these beverages alone. A lot of people perceive that alcohol and stimulants cancel out the effect of each other, this is not entirely true. They actually make you more intoxicated than you would normally get, putting you in dangerous situations.

So the next time you go out partying, don’t pay any heed to everything that is cool and trendy, especially if it is something so dangerous. Your safety and health should be your major concern and before you look for a better party time, you should consider how it is going to impact your health. Remember to stay away from the deadly combination of alcohol and energy drinks.

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