5 Myths of LSD and their Truths

Known for its potency and mood-changing chemicals, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a psychedelic drug which grew popular in the 1960s. It is still one of the commonly used drugs because of its low cost ($5 for a single dose) and its ability to be quickly metabolized and hidden within the system. Also known as acid, the drug’s experience, or trip, may last 12 hours. However, while many seek the high provided by the drug, its effects can be life-threatening due to their unpredictability. Aside from visual changes, LSD users may lose their appetite, become insomniacs, and experience dry mouth and tremors. Extreme changes in mood, starting from bliss and all the way to intense terror, also complement mental effects such as panic attacks and psychosis.

If you or someone you know has been using LSD, chances are that they have been deceived by the following myths. So, go over them and find their truths to break free from the drug’s control.

Myth #1) Acid Can Make You a Better Person

Fact: During the 1960s, acid was promoted as a unique drug which can make people spiritually aware, more caring, and very conscious about the world around them. Till this day, many authors write about this myth. In truth, LSD does promise many pleasant experiences and its users have reported being able to solve many of their problems while using it. However, most of the people who praise the drug for it thought-stimulating effects are actually smart thinkers, so there is no way both situations can be tied together.

More importantly, regularly using this drug is bound to develop mental and emotional issues, turning its abusers more violent. Some people have even alienated themselves from others as a result, affecting their mental and emotional balance in the process. Therefore, if anything, acid will not improve your personality.

Myth #2) LSD Will Make You Insane

Fact: While not physically addictive, LSD will make you psychologically reliant on LSD to function. However, the drug will not turn its abusers insane. In fact, a study conducted in 1960 showed that only 260 of 2000 test subjects exhibited psychotic behavior after receiving LSD. Even then these individuals were already mentally ill. Therefore, you can assume that the drug triggers psychosis rather than causing it. Besides, drug-related psychosis usually occurs during use and withdrawal, so the effects are not permanent.

Myth #3) Acid Works as Effectively as Hypnosis to Unblock the Mind

Fact: Many people start taking LSD because they want to unlock the door to their unconscious mind. They believe that they can access repressed memories and learn more about themselves and even the human race. The truth is that while LSD may drive people to start thinking in new ways, it does not provide a key to the inner workings of their minds. In fact, most people are bound to think about things which do not exist since they will be hallucinating most of the time.

Even if the drug proves to be successful in revealing repressed traumatic events, the consequences are bound to be grave since the mind is not capable of processing this information effectively. Since you will not be able to understand everything that happened, it may be better to keep traumatic events safely locked away before they affect your life.

Myth #4) Drinking Orange Juice Stops Acid Trips

Fact: Most people believe that having some orange juice is bound to reduce the effects of LSD and reconnect them with reality. However, there is no use of having a dose of Vitamin C since the drug has already been metabolized by the time it takes effect. The trip addicts experience is actually the after-effects on the brain. If you have already tried this and somehow managed to prove this myth, you have sadly been tricked by your own brain. Orange juice must have provided you with a placebo effect or simply calmed down your body since it is a drink.

Myth #5) Since LSD Affects the Brain Only, Rehab is Useless

Fact: Though LSD is psychologically addictive, rehab is a must to get over the drug and lead a healthy, happy life. However, in addition to choosing a specialized facility, it is important that the program you choose for yourself or a loved one be consistent and long-term. The rehab should also offer different types of therapies, including support groups and behavioral therapy. This way, addicts can discover and tackle the factors which drove them to addiction rather than just overcome the effects of abusing LSD.

So if you or someone you know has been using LSD very often, it is time for you to take control of your life before the drug does that for you. Find the best LSD rehab program and enroll in it to re-embrace life, but actually enjoy it without acid burdening your brain.

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